The world of digital media is evolving quickly. This is transforming how we access everyday information and how we communicate with one another. To simplify this phenomenon for those new to digital media, Damian Ryan authored the book Understanding Digital Marketing. Damian Ryan’s goal is to dissect the world of digital marketing in terms of how it got started, how it got to where it is, and where it is heading. This, in addition to showing the reader how to use digital media to achieve success for their business.

Cover of the book Understanding Digital Marketing featuring the quote "Understanding Digital Marketing accomplishes well the difficult feat of assembling current practical strategies from leading experts in the digital marketing field." The front also features a graphic with a hashtag on a price tag, an eye, a silhouette of a person, a WiFi symbol on a cloud, and a location pin.
Cover of
Understanding Digital Marketing by Damian Ryan

Credibility of the Author

Damian Ryan is part of numerous marketing ventures. His most notable is as the founder and chairman of The Global Academy of Digital Marketing. This is a movement comprised of digital marketers seeking knowledge, case studies, contacts, and data. His book, Understanding Digital Marketing, is a bestselling academic title.

Ryan explores areas like search marketing, e-mail marketing, creative online executions, and digital marketing strategies. His use of real-world examples of digital marketing successes proves to readers that when applied properly, the tactics in the book work. Understanding Digital Marketing also includes a number of outside expert opinions, solidifying the book’s overall credibility. Understanding Digital Marketing gives readers the tools to utilize the power of the internet to have a successful business.

Origins of Digital Marketing

Before you can dive headfirst into the world of digital marketing, it’s important to learn its origins. Ryan begins his book by going into this extensively. By understanding digital marketing’s past you will have a better grasp on where it is going.

If you’re not sure if digital marketing is right for you and your business, it is. Ryan explains exactly why you need digital marketing for your business to succeed and why you need to understand the digital customer. As time has gone on, the four P’s of marketing have evolved into the 10 P’s of digital marketing.

Getting Started In Digital Marketing

Now that you understand your need for digital marketing to have a successful business, you’re ready to go, right? Not so fast. You need a place to direct all of your digital consumers, and that’s where an effective website comes in. From choosing a domain name to writing effective content, Understanding Digital Marketing covers it.

Now that your website is established, people need a way to find it. Search is still the online marketer’s holy grail. Ryan teaches you about the top engines, SEO, SEM, and more. Search engine optimization can seem like a grueling task, but Understanding Digital Marketing shows you how to tackle it effectively.

The next step to improving your digital marketing strategy is getting on social media. If you’re not up-to-date with all things Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, not to worry. Ryan begins by breaking down what social media is, its different forms, and how to keep track of your accounts. It’s not as tricky as it sounds!

E-mail marketing is just as important now than it has ever been. However, it needs to be executed correctly to see returns.

Newbies v.s. the More Experienced

This is where Ryan really starts diving into the nuts and bolts of digital marketing. If you do not have digital marketing experience, I suggest starting the book from the beginning. If you have a good grasp on the basics, I suggest starting the book here. From this point on, Understanding Digital Marketing analyzes content marketing, native advertising, programmatic ad buying, performance marketing, optimization, user experience, and where digital marketing could be heading in the future.


Above all, this text wonderfully accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to help the reader understand the digital market.

You Should Read it Too

I would highly recommend Understanding Digital Marketing to any individual who is ready to get into the world of digital marketing. In addition, this book is also good for those who are looking to improve their already existent skills. This book is easy to understand and reads quickly, which is great for a book on a complex topic. One of the most helpful aspects are the “pledges” at the beginning of each chapter that identify questions that the content in the chapter will address.

In conclusion, Understanding Digital Marketing is a necessary read for those looking for an in-depth introduction to digital marketing principles and strategy. It is also a good read for those who are already familiar with digital marketing who would like to optimize the practices that they already have in place. The book is available on in paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and Kindle, so there is no excuse not to get your hands on this book.

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