If you have been sidelined due to the pandemic and wonder what you can do, I have three digital marketing tasks that I’m preparing that I will share with you today. As I mentioned in a recent podcast, I am improving my digital marketing strategy regardless of external conditions.

I like to believe that the only thing that I can truly control is my attitude. I am focusing on positive thinking and working diligently to improve my company during a time when some people are doing little or nothing.

I’m focusing on the things I can control, like paying attention to the new programs available for small businesses and their employees. I want to do everything within my power to help my employees, and it only requires diligence on my part.

Customer service remains a critical concern, as we must continue to provide great content and tools they can use to better learn about the homes and neighborhoods in my community.

My focus is on where I want my company to be when the world returns to “business as usual,” and that has led me to create a list of the three digital marketing tasks that I want to improve.

You can play the interview on LID Radio where I shared my three digital marketing tasks that my organization is attacking during the isolation phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three Digital Marketing Tasks To Attack During The Pandemic

Task #1: The Company Website

The first project on my list is the improvement of the company website. I want to increase the amount of new content we produce and increase the quality too. We have several projects on the table right now that will make our site even better.

Secondly, I want to produce more offsite content during this time that so many of us have to stay at home. There’s no reason I can’t create articles for publishing online and in journals that will help strengthen our brand and increase the number of quality incoming links to our website.

Finally, I want to enhance our on-site optimization. I started www.manausa.com in 1995, and it has gone through several different platform changes that have reduced the quality of some of the older content. Additionally, search engine algorithms changed over the years, so much of the old material is not optimized to the standards of current search engines.

I use a tool from ahrefs.com (called a site audit) to identify all the pages on our website that are missing important information or which are generally not optimized to a 2020 standard. We are attacking this list daily to ensure that the content is fresh and that we deploy all of our valuable call to actions (CTAs).

After optimization, we are submitting a lot of pages to different social media channels to ensure that we catch Google’s attention and to establish that this older content is still relevant. When this project ends, our site will be so much better and deliver a higher volume of organic traffic. Of all the digital marketing tasks to do, the audit is my least favorite but possibly the most profitable.

Digital MarketingTask #2: The Company Facebook Page

The second sizeable digital marketing project that we are pursuing is the optimization of our Facebook marketing plan. We do a good bit of marketing already on Facebook, so we’ve decided to make some improvements that will help us generate more bang for our buck! We want to increase our reach while decreasing our average cost per customer acquisition, and we can do this by polishing our current plan.

First, we are going to get all of our employees focused on better interaction with our followers, audience, and clients on Facebook. We know that the isolation period is pushing people to Facebook, so we need to be there to receive them.

Our business is very local, so we must engage with people who live in our market area. We are providing them articles, information, and real estate listings so they can stay current on what’s happening in our real estate market.

The most significant Facebook effort we are making is at the employee level (super important!). We want our employees to grow their Facebook friends and followers lists with people in our local market area (they have their own digital marketing tasks too!). In my perfect world, every employee of Joe Manausa Real Estate would have 5,000 Facebook friends, and they would all reside in Tallahassee.

Finally, we need to regularly invite our local friends to like and follow our Facebook page so that the content we post on Facebook spreads around organically. Increasing our page follower count is a big part of our future success. If we can double our page follower list and grow our personal friend lists ten-fold, our reach will be incredible when we resume spending our large Facebook marketing budget.

Task #3: A Better Youtube Channel

Youtube offers us the best opportunity for us to improve with our digital marketing tasks. Frankly, our effort on Youtube thus far has been substandard, and it is time we take advantage of the second-most used search engine on the internet.

In the past, we have routinely discussed the improvement of our Youtube Channel, but we never made the time to get it done. Fortunately, we now have some extra time on our hands, and the Youtube overhaul is underway.

We are going to be changing the look to our channel, and the redesign will include categorizing our content to make today’s binge-watcher more at ease with what we offer. We’ll be adding new video categories to answer questions and increase interaction with our followers and visitors.

Finally, we are developing a plan to increase our local followers in perpetuity, ensuring that Youtube does not fall to the back burner once the pandemic has run its course. We know that Youtube can be a game-changer for our organization, and we now have the time and the commitment to get it done.

I hope my sharing of our digital marketing tasks list helped you develop a few ideas of your own. With some effort, you can improve your company during the isolation phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. I genuinely believe we will earn our reward for the work and effort we invest today when the world returns to “normal” in the future.

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For myself, and will first and foremost monitor my attitude, as it is the one thing that I can control, regardless of what transpires. I choose to “sharpen the ax” while I cannot cut trees, so the day I return, I’ll be ready to go full speed. Stay safe!

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