Digital Marketing Podcast: The Business of Getting Business Author Speaks about the need to go digital in this recent podcast.

The heart of Joe’s digital marketing podcast is the question: “Have you kept current with your digital marketing strategy?”

LID Radio sits down to interview Joe Manausa, Real Estate Expert & author of The Business of Getting Business, the digital marketing guide for small businesses.

His publication acts as a guidebook for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

Joe writes for those whom wish to maximize effectiveness of digital marketing and craft a competitive edge in modern business.

LID Radio hosts Manausa on air in this digital marketing podcast and uncovers the mysteries of going Digital in 2020.

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Key Points from the interview and supporting details are listed below.

Digital Marketing Podcast: What it means in 2020

Q: Small Business owners must embrace “Digital” or die. Why is this?

Why is it important? Also, why do you think there’s no place in today’s world for traditional businesses who choose avoid digital marketing?

A: It starts with competition.

Historically, small businesses knew who our competition is.

We knew where they were, what they did, and how they differentiated themselves to our service.

What’s happening is, the internet is making the world a smaller place.

Lately, we are finding competitors coming in from out of town.

Now, there’s an even greater threat showing up in most industries. I refer to this threat as Digital Marketing Organizations.

They form and they have no intent of servicing the customer.

What they do is take advantage of an industry’s lack of digital marketing.

Then, they establish themselves as the leader in that industry on the internet.

To Recap, Joe knows all too well about the marketing companies who prey on small businesses.

Digital Marketing Organizations

In this digital marketing podcast Joe gives us examples of how digital marketing companies can take advantage of companies without digital presence.

First, he speaks about a very well known Real Estate Brand “Zillow”.

At first glance, Zillow may be just a website.

When they had found “lead generation” weakness in the real estate industry they were able to leverage their ability to sell web traffic.

Second, we have the Home Advisor brand in the US that is dominating the home improvement industry.

Electricians, Plumbers, and Contractors are all being affected by the strong hold of these marketing companies.

Their business is the outsourcing of leads to third parties.

Home Advisor sells their leads among a few contractors in each local market and has the power to raise rates or change terms as they see fit.

Now, You may end up seeing a percentage of your business going away.

Third, Joe explains the importance of creating your own digital marketing & lead generation strategies.

To put it plainly, Traditional marketing strategies are necessary but they must be augmented with Digital Marketing strategies.

“Digital Marketing is the gift that keeps giving”. Joe explains that he is still generating business from a blog that he wrote 13 years ago.

In summary, digital content exists forever on the internet and doing a good job means you will find continued success from this online presence.

Continuing, Joe mentions that digital content has the potential to scale, is repeatable, and measurable.

Finally, in this digital marketing podcast, we learn how today’s marketing can measure return on investment per campaign.

Digital Marketing as Reviews and Service

Primarily, Having good reviews on the internet can be very important to branding and generation of new business.

In fact, Customers that go to Google or other sites and write about their great experiences serve as a form of Digital Marketing.

Studies have shown that people prefer to do their research prior to doing business with a company or buying a product.

Similarly, Customers will go to search engines and review various companies. So, if you have great reviews posted this can serve as marketing.

Business Growth

Small businesses can grow to regional, and possibly even global levels, with strength within their digital foundation.

Alas, competition in business is already online.

So, if you aren’t outperforming them digitally you will lose business.

Historically, as industries had evolved so did the methods of marketing.

Therefore, you must know where your target audience is and how to market to them.

For Joe, making a digital transformation was a lengthy process. After 30 days there wasn’t much return but the vision had certainly changed.

After 60 days, Joe was forming relationships online and eventually had begun conducting business with contacts he generated digitally.

Hence, Joe wrote his book to help other small businesses learn to take advantage of digital marketing and, above all, generate more income.

Digital Marketing Podcast: About Trial and Error

First off, You can eliminate the lengthy process of trial and error by implementing a proven method in digital marketing.

The smartest thing you can do is start by writing a plan.

Furthermore, sticking to your plan is the best method.

Simply put, the internet is huge.

If you rush into something in the digital world you will waste time and money.

To avoid failure, evaluate someone in your industry that is successful and build a profitable method to apply your digital marketing strategy.

The Author

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