Ryan Deiss is one of the most influential individuals in marketing today. He has founded over 40 different businesses in numerous different markets. In the last 36 months, he has had his teams invest over $15,000,000 on marketing tests. To say his credentials are up to par would be an understatement. Deiss decided that the best thing he could do for those inspired by his accomplishments is to share his knowledge. Thus, Diess’ book, Digital Marketing for Dummies, was born.

Cover of the book Digital Marketing for Dummies by Ryan Diess featuring the phrases "Leverage Google and Facebook to grow your brand," "Automate your lead generation, sales and follow-up activities," and "Access downloadable tools that put ideas into action."
Cover of Digital Marketing for Dummies

Digital Strategies Made Easy

Digital Marketing for Dummies is written with the marketer’s best interests in mind. It provides a comprehensive step by step guide on how to use different digital marketing strategies to expand brand reach, increase audience engagement, and acquire and monetize customers.

In Digital Marketing for Dummies, current and future digital marketers can learn the best practices for SEO, SEM, and even content and influencer marketing. All of this information and more is presented in an understandable and simplistic way.

Utilizing Digital Marketing For Your Business

Not quite convinced that digital marketing will work for your business? Digital Marketing for Dummies addresses that concern as well. What worked in marketing just a few years ago is quickly losing its impact as technology is continually evolving. As digital platforms become more advance they also become more competitive. Digital Marketing for Dummies takes the guesswork out of digital marketing and offers the latest tips and techniques for utilizing technology to get your product or service out to the masses without complication. Whether you are just starting out in the digital marketing field or are ready to craft your first campaign from scratch, you’ll find everything you will need to meet your business goals in this book.

The strongest factor of this text is its simplicity. It is easy to read and understand and many of the steps are supported by graphics and photos. Deiss’ book is a no-nonsense read that doesn’t try to inspire or motivate; its goal is to give readers facts and an easy guide without the fluff of many other marketing books. Above all, Digital Marketing for Dummies gets down to the nitty-gritty of finding the reader’s personalized path to perfect content marketing.

Understanding Your Customer

Before you can start diving into this nitty-gritty, Deiss explains the customer journey. This is a critical first step because if a digital marker does not understand their customer and the steps their customer takes to potentially buy their product, all marketing efforts will eventually fail. The marketer must choose the right marketing campaign for their business once the customer journey is understood. This portion concludes with understanding how to craft winning offers in your marketing efforts.

After that, the next steps include how to use content to generate fans, followers, and customers. The most vital way to do this is to learn how to effectively blog for your business. Deiss even goes as far as providing 57 blog post ideas and how to utilize them to your businesses’ advantage.

It is one thing to have a website and it is an entirely new ball game to generate traffic to your website. Digital Marketing for Dummies will explain to you how to build high-converting landing pages, capture traffic with search marketing, tap into paid traffic, and how to follow up with all of your new leads through E-mail marketing.

The Beginning Of Success: Optimization

Once you have made it this far in the book, your business should be starting to succeed in the digital marketing game. Your new goal moving forward should be improving your campaigns and strategy. Diess thoroughly explains how to measure, analyze, and optimize your marketing campaigns. Without this step, you will quickly notice your ROI leveling off or even declining. Optimization and tracking are always keys in the digital game.

Digital Marketing for Dummies concludes with some tips on what to avoid, like the ten most common digital marketing mistakes. He also helps you buff up your resume by including the ten digital marketing skills you can add to your resume after studying this text and implementing its strategies. Diess’ final parting words are providing readers with a list of ten essential tools for digital marketing success. After all, you can’t put what you learned into action without the proper platforms and tools.

Why You Need Digital Marketing For Dummies

Digital Marketing for Dummies has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s no one more qualified to teach digital marketing than digital marketer themselves. Deiss successfully articulates the complicated process of digital marketing into a how-to manual that even most inexperienced person can understand. This book is packed with highly actionable, up-to-date, and profitable action steps to use social media to grow your business. In addition, Digital Marketing for Dummies contains pure results-driven content. Digital marketing is continuously changing, but the tips, tricks, and methods in this book are going to be relevant in one way or another for years to come. In conclusion, this book is a must-read for anyone thinking about starting a small business, has a small business, or just wants to understand digital marketing better.

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