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Dear business owner, marketer, or blogger,

This digital marketing book is not just for digital marketers, it is for everyone else who needs to implement a digital solution for their business. 

Are you a small business owner or marketer facing the rising cost of traditional marketing while also seeing your market share shrink due to digital marketers?

  • Understand the threat that digital marketers pose to brick and mortar businesses

  • Examine how marketing has evolved to targeting the digital consumer

  • Reveal many of the elements of digital marketing that you could be using

  • Learn the infrastructure required to support digital marketing

  • Master the key elements of a digital marketing plan

  • Review case studies that have worked for others

  • Follow a step-by-step guide to taking your operation digital


Every small business owner understands that success is a process, not an event. Even as you enjoy your most fabulous year in business, there is a younger, newer competing organization that sees you as a role model and the ‘team to beat’. Such is the nature of a competitive industry.

But there is a far more fiendish threat to small business that owners and managers now face. It is a relatively new business model that has or will appear in every town and every market, and it will require business owners to modify their methodologies or face extermination. As dire as this sounds, there is time to adapt for most businesses across many industries.

Beware The Digital Marketer In Your Niche

The threat comes from digital marketing organizations that have no intent of servicing the consumer; rather they form to take advantage of the lack of digital marketing skills in industries that have not embraced this recent change. These digital marketers can generate customer leads and then, in turn, sell them to local business owners who then convert them to consumers of their products or services.

Business owners will see these digital marketers as an opportunity to outsource some or all of their marketing efforts. They will mistakenly see this as a way to simplify their operations that will enable shop owners to focus on customer service rather than generating business. They believe the marketing company will ‘market’, while their own business will ‘service’. And therein lies the rub.

The business of business is getting business!  If your business is not heavily involved in generating new customers, then the foundation of your business is replaceable! The technical skills that you possess are not nearly as valuable as the stream of customers who are ready, willing, and able to buy the product or service that your organization promotes.

Digital marketers can be a threat to small business owners; get the digital marketing book

Digital Marketing Book Helps You Face New Threat

Digital marketing organizations can come to your community, provide you with customers at a small cost, and then slowly over time destroy your business. The digital marketer and your organization is very much the case of a parasitic relationship, where the parasite (the marketer) lives off the host (a small business), and then ultimately the parasite consumes the host.

Here is how it works: First, the marketer approaches the small business about purchasing leads. After doing so for a while, the small business owner finds this to be a profitable way to generate more customers for the organization. It develops systems and processes to serve these customers and then increases the spend with the marketer so that it can increase sales. The company continues to do this until it reaches a diminishing rate of return. And that is when the marketer now consumes the business!

What happens when this marketer increases the fee it charges? The increase in spend reduces the return on investment (ROI) for the small business, requiring it to scale back elsewhere. The company has no leverage in this negotiation because the marketer can replace it at any time with one of the local competitors who will happily buy the leads. This marketer has not been spending time building the business’s brand; rather it has been spending time and money developing its own brand so that it can grow and thrive into the future. The small business owner will either pay the marketer’s current rate or be replaced by somebody else who will.

The marketer is likely to build its brand off of the small business’s early spend, and then when stabilized, the marketer will invite local competition to bid on customers (thus requiring the small business to compete as well). This ploy is the cruelest element of the digital marketer relationship: Its early spend will build the marketer’s business that eventually will drive the small business’s marketing costs through the roof and ultimately put it out of business.

The only way to avoid this outcome is to embrace the knowledge that the primary role of a business owner is to generate future business. To do so, one must learn how to adapt to marketing changes, and today that means a company must establish a digital marketing solution to keep the organization safe from the marketer who wishes to control all business flow in an industry. 

The Business Of Getting Business is the digital marketing book written BY a small business ownerFOR small business owners. Why not secure your digital marketing book today at our deeply discounted "pre-published" price?

The Basics Of Getting Business

Learn the key elements of a sound digital marketing plan and the infrastructure required to support the plan

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Learn from those who are actively using digital marketing successfully today with real-world case studies

Taking Your Company Digital

A digital marketing book that includes a guide to taking a traditional marketing company to one which thrives with digital

Who Should Read This Digital Marketing Book?

Why you should read this digital marketing book

Digital Marketing Book For You

I wrote this digital marketing book to help individuals and organizations transition from traditional marketing practices to modern digital marketing techniques on the internet. 

Small Business Owners – If you own and/or manage a company that does less than $10 million each year in revenue, then you most likely are a perfect candidate for implementing the internet marketing process explained in this book. This book will show you how your marketing efforts (and specifically your advertising dollars) are most likely either being wasted or are delivering an inferior return on investment. As an example, where would you go if you needed an electrician? A plumber? Or how about an attorney, architect, builder or engineer? If you are like most people, you have thrown away all of your old phone books and instead turn to a search engine on the internet. That begs the question … why are all of these local service providers not enabling a sales force on the internet through a digital marketing campaign?

Entrepreneurs – The internet is a great equalizer for the start-up business and entrepreneur. Because most large corporations have not learned how to effectively utilize the great resources of the internet, it is possible for a start-up company to have a stronger presence on the internet than a long-established, brick and mortar business. Let this digital marketing book be your guide to making giant gains in any market.

Marketing Management Professionals – My interaction with some of the larger companies in America, purely as a consumer, has taught me that the marketing staffs have not kept up with the changing pace on the internet. If you manage the marketing efforts for your organization, this book will give you an actionable plan to evaluate your existing marketing efforts and will also serve as a guide to help you become the top marketing person in your field. The battleground for marketing on the internet is just getting set, so it is not too late, even for the ‘old timers’.

Organizational Leadership – If you subscribe to the thinking that the business of business is getting business, then you better understand that internet marketing IS YOUR BUSINESS. Consumers for most industries have moved to the internet, and the daily conduct of your operations needs to be adapted to the new consumer paradigm. This is no longer a delegable task but now requires adult guidance and supervision. If you want to lead an organization, you better understand how it is communicating with its present and future customers. Digital marketing has not only changed marketing, but it has also changed the very conduct of your operation, from marketing and sales to service and support. If you think it has not, then you definitely must read this book!

Marketing Instructors – The Four Ps of marketing (product, promotion, place, and price) are being challenged in a consumer-driven form of marketing. Enable your students to compete immediately by exposing them to the real-world of content-driven marketing that they will encounter when you send them off from school.

Students – While many universities do an excellent job of teaching the theory and fundamentals of marketing at the undergraduate and graduate school level, most do not provide a hands-on guide for building a digital marketing plan for an organization. This digital marketing book will serve as your best source for both visualizing your future methodologies, as well as helping you get down and dirty into the mechanics of marketing a company on the internet today.


The internet squeeze effect on small businesses is explained in this digital marketing book

Many small businesses are struggling with the difficulty of moving a company’s traditional marketing systems to the internet. 

The new competition from outsiders has created a need for local businesses to be online, and yet they feel compelled to continue their traditional processes too. They are facing increased costs of marketing on the internet while they continue their traditional marketing and advertising plans that have proven successful in the past. 

Margins are being squeezed and companies are being forced to require higher productivity standards from the sales force in an attempt to stabilize or grow profits. But here’s the rub:

Today’s consumers, empowered by information, don’t want to talk to salespeople

They expect to start the buying process on the internet. Ask anybody in your sales force how effective their ‘cold calls’ are today versus just five or ten years ago. 

The fact is, consumers are finding the internet to be full of answers for most industries, and they will be checking your website as well (maybe your industry has not yet converted and that voice in the back of your head is saying, “My industry is different, the consumer needs more human involvement.”)

Today, the salesperson has to work harder to achieve reduced results than in the past, yet needs to make more money because of the increased cost of living.

This defines the internet squeeze effect for the salesperson. The business owner also feels the effect when trying to keep up with the additional costs of marketing online while not letting go of traditional methods. Both the organization, and the salesperson, are being squeezed hard by the new digital paradigm. Fortunately, both can evolve by reading The Business Of Getting Business, a digital marketing book for small businesses.

Brick-and-mortar business owners are going to have to evolve their marketing and selling apparatus or the Internet Squeeze Effect will put their companies out of business. Salespeople need to be more productive to enable higher profits for the company, and higher earnings for the salespeople. Gains in productivity must come from digital marketing, as successful salespeople are likely already working long and hard hours with traditional methodologies.

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