Digital Marketing Book: The Business of Getting Business

The Digital Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

By: Joe Manausa

A Digital Marketing Book for Small Businesses. Learn Digital Marketing.
The Digital Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

Modern Businesses Must Go Digital & Learn Digital Marketing.

Joe Manausa is an expert in Digital Marketing in the Modern Age as well as business tactics.

The author introduces his Digital Marketing Book with bravado, exemplifying his contributions to business and strategy.

His exploits in sports, the military, and his business ventures have brought him success.

This publication is aimed to inform, educate, and inspire readers to learn digital marketing & adapt in the Digital Age.

Readers will thrive with his insightful tactics in the Chapter titled “Why Small Business Owners Must Embrace Digital or Die”.

Joe speaks of attention to detail in changing trends and following emerging patterns to make educated predictions.

The internet is changing the relationship between a business and its customer by morphing the sales process.

Delivering new tools that empower the consumer to make an informed buying decision with little or no assistance from a salesperson”.

As he continues, Manausa describes the relationship between buyers and sellers.

The shift of knowledge becoming more readily available for the end consumer to obtain.

Joe recounts his experience in the changing market during the blossom of the Digital Era.

He tells of how this power shift caused him to create his Digital Marketing Success Strategies.

[“Rebuilding my operation in a manner that would take advantage of the changes the internet was bringing”]Joe Manausa

Many educated decisions had to be calculated during the change of the Real Estate Market.

It’s once held secrets became more publicly transparent through digital publication.


Building a Digital Business Transition Requires Research & Execution

Joe Manausa, writes of his Fight or Flight experience, and how he persevered during the transition while others fell to the wayside.

By 2000, it was becoming clear that realtors were no longer the gatekeepers of the information.

So we had to redefine our value proposition.

While this created chaos and a large turnover for our industry, it also created an opportunity for those of us who embraced the changes.

And  we searched for a modern way to effectively broker the sale of homes.

I decided to go back to school to earn my master’s degree with the goal of rebuilding my operation.

A manner that would take advantage of the changes the internet was bringing”.

The author speaks of consumer demands in the new digital market imposing new challenges.

Businesses have to deliver high-quality service with shrinking margins and even timelines for delivery.

He continues to explain the chain reactions of these market changes.

Also, how they have changed not only the business marketing requirements but stricter expectations on the sales force as well. 

Joe believes that businesses must rapidly evolve their Digital Marketing Techniques.

You must become proficient in capitalizing on them, otherwise, it could mean the end of your business.

Modern Digital Business

Today, the salesperson has to work harder to achieve reduced results compared with the past, yet needs to make more money.

This is because of the increased cost of living”.

Manausa sets a grave tone in his warning.

Salespeople need to be more productive to enable higher profits for the company and to earn more themselves.

Gains in productivity must come from digital marketing.

Successful salespeople are already likely to be working long and hard hours”.

Service-oriented tactics are of higher importance in today’s digital era. 

Companies who try to continue their old methods of marketing and add digital marketing exhaust funds, resources, and time.

This can lead to disaster in their sales efforts.

Real Estate faced challenges in the transition to digital with fears that Brokers might be eliminated entirely.

This idealization caused Manausa to mull over ideas and devise creative solutions.

His proposed worst fears about what possibilities could halt his business flow.

Too often we let our existing situation dictate the environment for our future solutions.

We have to continuously remind ourselves that we always have blinders on and future solutions might not be found in a linear pattern for our current process”.

The author is able to convey his thoughts that might save businesses that are struggling to keep pace with changing digital advances.

The cycle of change occurs at a much faster pace than what has been observed in the past”.

Joe implores the reader to create solutions when problems arise and to overcome them as a leader in their industry.

[“Digital marketing organizations can come to your community, provide you with customers at a small cost and then slowly over time destroy your business”] – Joe Manausa


Digital Marketing Revolutionized the way we do business and brought about new business models

Interestingly enough the changes in the digital marketing realm brought about an onslaught of new businesses.

Businesses created to capitalize on small businesses that did not know how to cope with the changes arose.

They offer lead generation solutions, for business owners to pay to play.

Many businesses face the daunting task of the digital marketing learning curve. 

Joe Manausa is truly a master of lead generation.

He speaks of businesses needing to get savvy with their lead generation strategies.

This is a crucial component to a business’s success.

To thrive a business must constantly funnel qualified prospects and then convert them.

Whether the funnel is physical or digital, the tactics are the same but the delivery is modified.

Manausa’s Digital Marketing Book explains it all with this publication.

A horror story of how resorting to investing in a Digital Marketing Firm can hinder business in the long run.

Digital marketing organizations can come to your community, provide you with customers at a small cost and then slowly over time destroy your business”.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

The author shares his experience in seeing many small businesses, peers, and competitors fall victim.

He writes about the trap of shelling out cash to Digital Marketing firms to fix issues in lead generation.

 Joe warns of Parasitic relationships, and how pumping money into such organizations grow their power in your market.

When a company spends money on bought leads rather than generating leads, it neglects to build power in its own brand.

Instead, it gives power to the brand of the marketing company they employ.

This can lead to quite a nasty outcome as Manausa’s Digital Marketing Book explains,

The marketer is likely to build its brand off of the small business’ early spend before inviting local competition to bid for customers.

This ploy is the cruelest element of the digital marketer relationship: its early spend will build the marketer’s business that eventually will ultimately put it out of business”.

To avoid such a pitfall,  it’s important to learn Digital Marketing strategies that keep the business self-reliant.

In its lead generating efforts, use enough control to spend what it deems fit.

Digital Marketing firms seek to maximize the amount of business market share they can capture.

They want to control the competitive flow of lead bidding in each industry that they serve.


Examining your Business Model

While reading this book, the reader is easily entertained by Joe Manausa’s down- to- earth style of writing; easy to comprehend, and applicable to the average small business owner.

In small business, we are often plagued with problems and bumps in the road that can feel crippling.

Manausa appeals to any start-up company that has started out with a dream.

If you realize your business model didn’t make sense in a world aimed at making money, it’s time to learn digital marketing.

He recalls how he overcame his initial convictions about his line of work and how he evolved his strategies to thrive in his field.

“I thought I was in the business of helping people buy and sell homes.

At face value that makes a lot of sense, but it turns out that just isn’t the industry I’m in.

I am in the business of finding people who want to buy and sell homes”.

Joe plainly explains that every business in the service industry is not much different than himself.

He speaks to the reader to analyze their business goal.

Joe Asks, are you doing all you can to find the people who want your services?

[“If you own a business, you are in the business of getting business”.]Joe Manausa


Data is King

Data is a valuable asset to each brand and its efforts in returning potential customers in response to marketing efforts.

Now, many consumers prefer to utilize digital searches to answer their queries.

We no longer need physical newspaper ads, phone books, or many publication advertising spaces.

However, the online marketplace is crowded with competitors and similarly related distractions.

Manausa scribes how to cut through the noise and ensure greater returns on your online marketing investment.

Today, the world turns to the internet for information.

Fortunately, the actions of consumers are predictable and trackable, which can help you generate all the business that you need by having the correct presence on the internet”.

Traditional business school and online mega influencers preach the importance of building a brand.

Manausa’s Digital Marketing Book has a unique take on the subject.

He feels like marketing efforts are more effective for small businesses when Hyper focused and concentrated on a targeted area of customers.

Joe explains that when brand-building is a focus, you will always lose out to the spending power of Big Business.

Time, resources, and money spent on branding for a small business deprive you of critical resources.

True & valuable marketing focus is the higher importance.


Building Your Brand

Writing about Branding, Joe explains the importance of building a brand.

Creating a reputation among consumers does little to actually generate consumers in which you can convert into social advocates or repeat customers with your brand.

Powerful digital marketing campaigns are proven to serve as catalysts for lead generation.

Marketing will serve as an affordable solution to direct traffic to your business as you learn digital marketing.

Perception of the experience customers have done business with you is what creates your brand. 

Joe Manausa believes that efforts in increasing your visibility and search appearance are well spent.

Most people in today’s market research business prior to making a purchase decision.

The questions you should ask yourself about your business revolve around the relevance of someone’s internet search.

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Joe writes, it is important to establish your company as an authority when a search result matches the consumer needs.

With the growth of the internet, a new sales model was created to reach customers much earlier in the sales cycle.

Thus, establish a digital marketing plan that allows you to reach customers at an early stage.

Presenting yourself as a trusted authority is proven to yield high success statistics.

Manausa believes in the power of content creation.

Driving traffic to the website where data acquisition can be initiated with the consumer is a better use of funds than branding.


Evergreen Content – Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing content that is relevant to search queries can often be searched again and again for many years.

Manausa explains various methods of digital marketing that can be used to your advantages, such as email, texts, and online ads.

[“Establishing a line item in the company books for branding is to create a cancer that will eat away at a small business’ resources”]Joe Manausa

Manausa has been an expert in business and organization and lends his knowledge on organization to readers.

He creates a strong distinction and correlation between marketing and advertising and explains the intricacies involved in creating harmony between them.

To learn digital marketing strategies, Manausa stresses the importance of focusing on a solid and well-drafted plan.

This is to be executed by your advertising and further capitalized on by sales. 

Sales Success

List building is the single most important aspect of digital marketing delivery, and is the goal of your marketing efforts, Joe writes.

Brilliant content can lead to lead generation, but the key is to keep your contact list happy and growing.

Manausa conveys that a well-crafted website serves the needs of the consumer.

During the rise of the Digital Era, many of the largest franchises failed to craft websites that would help them dominate.

They failed to capitalize on generating stable business online for years to come.

Such companies had to resort to list-building companies to sell them back potential leads that they would have accumulated otherwise!

Joe warns of a future where a lead generation site could hold you captive and your leads for ransom.

Joe explains in his publication that business is centered around solving problems within a niche market.

Organizing these lists of consumers with issues that you can solve is very beneficial to your continued success.

Use this in generating repeating business and revolving conversions.


The Business of Getting Business

This book does a great job of explaining the detailed processes in which businesses can create content, and how to generate leads out of this process.

There are tons of insightful instructions on list marketing and permission-based marketing plans. 

[“Spending money online without a real plan for how it all fits into your marketing plan is a recipe for disaster”.]Joe Manausa

Manausa’s Digital Marketing Book is a detailed and strategic plan to integrate marketing into business, & is a step by step guide on growing and scaling your business using online marketing.

It holds industry secrets, a wealth of knowledge and real examples, and educates the reader with inspiring tips to learn digital marketing & apply these tactics to their own business model.


Increasing Knowledge and Skills

No matter what industry you are selling in, Joe’s Marketing tactics are sure to make a splash and increase ROI.

You can purchase a copy of this book & learn Online Advertising Strategies, Business Planning, How to Scale, and how to maximize your Return on Marketing Investment here:

Joe Manausa’s Digital Marketing Book “The Business of Getting Business”, was released worldwide on May 5, 2020.

Joe Manausa hosts a daily blog on Real Estate that has become the #1 Real Estate Blog in the Nation.

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